After server crashes, Egypt says exams for students abroad will not be postponed

Aziz Abouelkhair, Sunday 15 Jan 2023

Egypt’s education ministry has dismissed rumours that Egyptian students residing abroad will be required to take all their exams in one batch at the end of the year, after many students abroad failed to take their online exams due to server failures.

Reda Hegazy
Egyptian Minister of Education and Technical Education Reda Hegazy


The rumours swirled after students abroad encountered a flurry of technical difficulties that prevented them from accessing their online exams due to server outages.

On Saturday, many students could not access their Arabic exams, prompting the ministry to extend the time allotted for the tests to 8pm local time for each country.

In a more recent statement on Saturday, the ministry provided a second platform for the students to take their tests, describing it as "faster and more stable."

Moreover, the ministry says that in the event any student cannot take their exam electronically, they will be provided with a paper copy after the end of the time dedicated for each exam.

The paper version of the exam can be downloaded by the students and either turned in electronically or sent via express mail to the headquarters of the General Administration of Examinations Abroad, the ministry said.

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