Egypt to launch incentive program for families with two children or less

Aya Salah , Tuesday 14 Mar 2023

The Egyptian government will provide an annual incentive of EGP 1,000 to married women with no more than two children as part of its efforts to address the issue of overpopulation.



Under the protocol, which was signed between the ministries of finance and planning and economic development, each woman will receive an annual amount of EGP 1,000, which will be accumulated and disbursed after the age of 45.

The cumulative amount will be determined based on the age of each woman during her participation in the program under the protocol, contingent upon her compliance with all project requirements and regular follow-up.

The program falls under the National Project for the Development of the Egyptian Family, which aims to tackle the overpopulation crisis by improving demographic characteristics such as education, health, job opportunities, economic empowerment, and culture, and controlling population growth, said the Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly, who witnessed the signing of the protocol.

According to Minister of Finance Mohamed Maait, the government will create an account under the unified treasury account, called the National Project Account for the Development of the Egyptian Family, to issue government bonds or documents with the dues of women committed to its terms.

Last year in February 2021, President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi warned that if current population growth rates continue, Egypt’s population will increase from 101.5 million citizens in 2020 to 150 million by 2030 and to around 193-194 million by 2050.

“We need EGP16 trillion per year to spend on an Egypt with 100 million citizens and would need to double this figure to spend on an Egypt with 195 million,” he said.

Subsequently, the Egyptian president launched the National Project for Developing the Egyptian Family to tackle the health, social, family, and economic dimensions of the overpopulation crisis.

On the sidelines of the signing, the PM affirmed that the National Project for the Development of the Egyptian Family represents an integrated development project aimed at improving demographic characteristics such as: education, health, job opportunities, economic empowerment, and culture, in addition to control population growth.

“This project seeks to improve the quality of life of the Egyptian citizen, by controlling population growth and improving demographic characteristics, and includes several axes: economic empowerment, service intervention, cultural, awareness and educational intervention, digital transformation, and intervention Legislative,” Minister of Planning and Economic Development, Hala Al-Said stated.

Al-Said added that this protocol aims to coordinate efforts between the Ministries of Planning and Finance to implement presidential mandates, with regard to following up on the executive position of the Egyptian Family Development Project, and achieving the project’s goals in controlling population growth and periodic follow-up in health offices, which will reflect positively on the health of women and children.

In addition, the government is currently working on creating a database for the project that will be regularly updated with all the data and statistics related to the women who are targeted by the project, including their level of commitment and entitlement to these incentives.

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