Iconic Egyptian radio broadcaster Abla Fadila dies at 93

Amira Noshokaty , Thursday 23 Mar 2023

Egypt bid farewell on Thursday to one of the most popular voices on Egyptian Radio.

 Abla Fadila
File Photo: Abla Fadila


Fondly known as Abla Fadila (Miss Fadila), Fadila Tawfiq was the first woman to tell children stories on the radio in the early 1960s. 
Generations of children grew up listening to her daily A Song and a Story programme. In 1966 she became the head of radio's general programme. 
Abla Fadila's secret was the power of love -- something she learnt from dealing with children. "Treating children successfully requires a lot of patience and love, and I applied the same methodology on grownups, and it works," she commented.
At the end of every tale she recounted,  Abla Fadila would ask, "is it a good story or a prolonged one?” None of her listeners would disagree her stories were indeed the most beautiful to tell. 
May she rest in peace.

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