Grab an umbrella: Thundershowers expected in Cairo and northern Egypt this weekend

Amr Kandil , Friday 24 Mar 2023

Residents of Cairo and the Nile Delta should grab an umbrella if they are headed out into the streets this weekend as the Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) expects thundershowers in many areas in northern Egypt.

A view of the seafront in the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria. (AFP)


People nationwide should wear layers at night as the EMA expects temperatures to drop by 5-7 degrees Celsius nationwide on Saturday.

On Friday, there is a high chance of moderate to heavy rain and thunder.

The storm will come in from the west, first hitting the Matrouh governorate on the northwest coast and Western Desert before reaching the Nile Delta in the evening.

Greater Cairo, which comprises parts of Cairo and areas of Qalyoubia and Giza governorates, is also in for a cloudy day and possible moderate to heavy thundershowers at night, according to the EMA.

On Saturday, thundershowers are also expected in Alexandria and other cities of the North Coast, Nile Delta, Suez Canal cities, and in the north of Red Sea governorate.

Rain is also expected to extend to Greater Cairo as well as parts of northern Upper Egypt, which is home to Beni Suef, Fayoum, and Minya, the EMA added. Flooding will be possible in Sinai.

The North Coast and Central Sinai could also experience light to moderate rain on Sunday.

Starting Saturday, the EMA expects temperatures to drop by 5-7 degrees Celsius nationwide on Saturday.

From Friday through Wednesday, the EMA expects warm days in Greater Cairo, Nile Delta, the North Coast, South Sinai, and the northwestern coast and hot days in southern Egypt, which comprises Aswan and Luxor.

Weather, however, will remain cold nationwide during nighttime.

Starting Saturday and continuing through the week, Greater Cairo and the Nile Delta will see highs of 21-25 degrees Celsius, with lows ranging from 13-15 degrees.

The North Coast will see highs of 18-23 degrees and lows of 14-15 degrees.

South Sinai will experience highs of 25-29 degrees and lows of 15-16.

Meanwhile, northern Upper Egypt will see highs of 22-27 degrees and lows of 11-13.

Qena, Luxor, Aswan and Sohag in southern Upper Egypt will see highs of up to 26-32 degrees and lows of 15-16 degrees.

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