Egypt’s Palm Beach continues to claim lives despite official closure

Aya Gamal, Sunday 9 Apr 2023

Despite being officially closed three years ago, Alexandria governorate’s Palm Beach claimed the life of another victim on Saturday, this time a 16-year-old Egyptian boy.

Egypt s palm Beach
File Photo: Families of people who drowned at Palm Beach in July (Photo: Ahram)


Ahmed Omar Shehata drowned while swimming at the beach, notoriously known as the “Beach of Death,” in Agami. His body was found on Sunday after being washed ashore by waves.

In 2020, Alexandria’s Public Prosecution ordered the closure of the beach following several drowning incidents, especially a mass drowning incident in 2020.

Governor of Alexandria Mohamed El-Sherif has previously explained that openings between barrier rocks at Palm Beach cause dangerous swirls that lead to drowning.

As a result, Egypt’s Ministry of Irrigation’s coastal protection department developed solutions to close the openings in the barrier.

The 6th of October Association managed Palm Beach, and was responsible for establishing and financing breakwaters, until 2020 when the Alexandria governorate withdrew its license.

Despite its closure, Palm Beach will be offered in a public auction on 19 April, with some hoping it will be able to reopen this summer.

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