Egypt to experience sweltering heat thru Tuesday

Ahram Online , Monday 17 Apr 2023

The Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) has urged Egyptians to avoid direct sunlight exposure on Monday and Tuesday due to an impending heat wave across the country.



Should individuals choose to celebrate Sham El-Nessim national holiday by going out in parks, as is customary, it is recommended that they avoid direct sunlight and cover their heads, the EMA advised.

Moreover, people who suffer from sinus or chest allergies should wear masks while outside to protect them from the dust and the particles in the air, the EMA added.

Additionally, while daytime weather is hot on Monday and Tuesday, nighttime temperatures are significantly lower, the EMA noted, hence it is inadvisable to wear summer clothes at night.

The EMA warned citizens not to be tricked by the current brief heat wave, as temperatures will begin to gradually drop following Tuesday.

Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, and the North Coast will experience the most significant drop in temperatures – by 7 degrees Celsius – through Thursday, predicted the EMA.

There is even a chance of light sporadic rainfall on areas of the North Coast and Northern Lower Egypt, the EMA added.

The country will also continue to experience strong winds in different regions through Saturday, noted the EMA. 

Temperatures in numbers

Greater Cairo and Lower Egypt will experience highs of 33-35 degrees Celsius Monday through Tuesday and lows of 19-20 degrees Celsius. The same areas will see highs of 27-29 degrees and lows of 15-17 degrees Wednesday through Saturday, the EMA forecast.

Meanwhile, the North Coast will see highs of 28-31 degrees and lows of 16-17 degrees through Tuesday, as well as highs of 23-26 degrees and lows of 14-16 degrees Wednesday through Saturday, confirmed the EMA.

The southern regions of the country will experience less significant drops in temperature, noted the EMA.

Similarly, Northern Upper Egypt will see highs of 35-36 degrees until Tuesday and lows of 18-19 degrees. On the following days through Saturday, the region will see highs of 28-36 degrees and lows of 16-18 degrees Celsius, the EMA predicted.  

South Sinai will see highs of 30-35 degrees and lows of 20-22 degrees through Saturday, the EMA said.

Finally, Southern Upper Egypt will see highs of 36-38 degrees and lows of 21-22 degrees, noted the EMA. 

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