Don't forget to set your clock on Thursday night for Daylight Saving Time

Ahram Online , Thursday 27 Apr 2023

Daylight Saving Time (DST) will take effect in Egypt at 12am on Friday 28 April. That's when you will need to set your clock ahead by one hour and factor-that-in in all plans

Clocks in Egypt
Photo: Ahram Online


Egypt will fall in the GMT+3 time zone instead of GMT+2 for the duration of DST - from Friday 28 April until Friday 26 October.

Those planning to travel abroad on Friday should double-check departure schedules to avoid missing flights.

Smartphones usually change their clocks automatically, but do not count on them doing that: Double-check that yours did it to avoid being late for work or meetings - especially if you are a punctual Egyptian!

Daylight Saving Time might not only be good for saving electricity but you can also enjoy an extra hour of sunlight for six whole months.

Egypt applied DST for the first time in 1957. We have applied it on and off many times in the decades that followed. It was last applied in 2014 amid electrical power shortages at the time.

Enough history, please remember to set your clock on Thursday night!

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