Hot days, refreshing nights ahead across Egypt

Ahram Online , Friday 12 May 2023

Egypt is set to sizzle with hot daytime weather on the horizon for the north, Greater Cairo, and Lower Egypt. But do not fret, relief can still be found thanks to cool nighttime weather, according to the Egyptian Metrological Authority (EMA).



South Sinai will also experience a heat wave starting Saturday, while southern Upper Egypt will experience extremely hot days throughout the week. But both regions will see moderate nighttime weather through Thursday, making sleep easy.

The North Coast will experience mild daytime weather and cool nights, making for the perfect beach day or evening stroll. However, strong winds are expected to sweep across many regions of the country, so hold onto your hats!

Greater Cairo is set to experience intermittent strong winds from Sunday through Wednesday, while the North Coast will see windy weather across different areas along the coast from Saturday through Thursday.

Furthermore, South Sinai will see strong winds on Saturday and Thursday, while northern Upper Egypt will experience windy weather on Sunday and Thursday.

If you are planning a road trip, keep in mind that morning mist is expected on roads leading to and from Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, North Coast, Suez Canal cities, central Sinai, and northern Upper Egypt.

But what about temperatures?

Greater Cairo and Lower Egypt will see highs of 29-24 degrees Celsius and lows of 17-19 degrees Celsius.

The North Coast will see highs of 23-29 degrees and lows of 16-18 degrees, while South Sinai will see highs of 32-36 degrees and lows of 21-23 degrees.

Northern Upper Egypt will see highs of 30-36 degrees and lows of 17-20 degrees, while southern Upper Egypt will experience highs of 36-39 degrees and lows of 21-22 degrees.

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