Summer is coming! Temperature rise across all regions thru Friday: EMA

Ahram Online , Sunday 21 May 2023

Egypt expects to experience a rise in temperature across all regions. Hot daytime weather is forecasted in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the North Coast, and South Sinai right through Friday, announced the Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) on Saturday.

(Photo: Ahram Online archive)


The remaining southern regions of the country will experience extremely hot daytime weather in the same period, the authority added.

The summer season officially begins on 21 June with temperatures averaging in the mid-30s degrees Celsius. Additionally, heat can begin to rise in the weeks leading to summer thereby causing elevated temperatures in late spring.

However, night time weather is predicted to be moderate in all areas, the EMA continued.

In parallel, strong winds will be pervasive throughout the week in regions of the North Coast and Greater Cairo, the EMA added.

Subsequently, dusty weather is liable to ensue on Sunday in the Western Desert and the New Valley governorate, and in the northern region of the Red Sea governorate and Sinai on Monday, hence affecting visibility, the EMA forecasted.

Light rain with chances of thunder is also expected on Sunday in areas of the Northwestern Coast.

South Sinai is also anticipated to experience light rain Monday through Friday while the southern Red Sea Mountains, as well as southern Upper Egypt, will most likely see light rain Tuesday through Friday.


As for temperatures, Greater Cairo and Lower Egypt will see highs of 31-35 degrees Celsius and lows of 21-23 degrees Celsius through Friday.

The North Coast will have highs of 25-31 degrees Celsius and lows of 19-21 degrees Celsius in the same period.

Meanwhile, South Sinai will see highs of 33-36 degrees Celsius and a low of 23 degrees Celsius throughout the week.

Additionally, the southern regions of the country will experience even more elevated temperatures with southern Upper Egypt reaching highs of 38-42 degrees Celsius and a low of 24 degrees Celsius.

Northern Upper Egypt will see slightly lesser highs of 35-37 degrees Celsius and lows of 22-23 degrees Celsius.

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