In Photos - Strong winds and sandstorms wreak havoc in Cairo

Ahram Online , Thursday 1 Jun 2023

Strong winds and sandstorms brought down billboards and ripped trees on major streets in the capital on Thursday as the Khamasin spring phenomenon makes itself felt into Friday.



The Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) has advised the public to avoid direct contact with sunlight and wear face masks outdoors, especially those who suffer from sinuses and allergies, as a severe heatwave accompanied by sandstorms disrupt daily life nationwide.

On Thursday afternoon, several areas in Cairo and Giza governorates were hit by a heavy sandstorm, followed by showers.

Temperatures are expected to reach over 40 degrees Celsius in some areas of the country within the coming 48 hours.

A resident in Maadi in south Cairo reported that strong winds ripped off a part of an overhead roof of a neighbouring building.

In Heliopolis, in the eastern part of the capital, a resident complained of breathing dust after failing to secure windows amid strong winds.

A giant billboard fell on the October Bridge by strong winds, bringing traffic to a halt, a citizen reported.

On Ramses Street in Central Cairo, some trees were blown down by the sandstorm, blocking the vital road.

Citizens are advised to drink enough water and fluids and wear loose cotton clothing and a protective head cover, the EMA added on Thursday.

The bad weather is the result of thermal depressions in the region and ongoing Khamasin storms Egypt endures annually at this time of spring.

On Thursday, sandstorms also wreaked havoc in the Western Desert, along the Mediterranean coast, Greater Cairo area, Nile Delta, the Suez Canal cities all the way to Upper Egypt on Thursday and are expected to continue until Friday.

Skies remain cloudy around the country, with rainfall on separate areas in the Western Desert, Mediterranean  coast and the Nile Delta.

There is a slight chance of more showers in the Greater Cairo area.

Greater Cairo is expected to reach a high of 40 degrees Celsius on Thursday for the first time this spring.

Highs in Upper Egypt may reach 43. 

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