What spring? Bizarre turbulent weather hits Egypt on Thursday

Ahram Online , Thursday 8 Jun 2023

A spell of turbulent weather - strong winds, thunder storms and rain - unsettled people in various parts of the country on Thursday. More bizarre spring weather expected this week

Clouds gather over Cairo as different parts of the country is witnessing rainfall and thunder. Al-Ahram


The day started with sand storms which were followed by rain.

Intermittent showers - accompanied by thunder and lightning - dropped on various parts of the the country's, including the Greater Cairo area.  

However, no major disruptions to traffic were reported, luckily.

Weekend: More rain

The Egyptian Metrological Authority (EMA) said rain would continue on Friday, especially in South Sinai, the North Coast, Nile delta and the Red Sea mountains.

Strong winds would continue into Friday in Greater Cairo, Nile delta, the North Coast and South Sinai, added the EMA.

A hot week

From Friday till Tuesday, Greater Cairo and Nile delta will see highs of 34-36 degrees Celsius and lows of 22-23 degrees, according to the EMA.

The North Coast will see highs of 26-27 degrees and lows of 19-21 degrees.

South Sinai expects highs of 36-40 degrees and lows of 25-28 degrees.

Northern Upper Egypt will see highs of 35-41 degrees and lows of 23-29 degrees.

The deep south expects sizzling highs of 39-46 degrees and lows of 27-32 degrees.

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