Egypt’s summer starts early with hot weekend weather

Ahram Online , Friday 16 Jun 2023

While summer technically starts on 21 June, hot weather beginning Friday and Saturday will kick the season off early across much of the country, the Egyptian Metrological Authority announced on Thursday.



Extremely hot weather will prevail over Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, South Sinai and southern regions of the country through Wednesday.

Luckily, the North Coast will experience more merciful daytime weather and the whole country will benefit from moderate temperatures at night.

Additionally, direct contact with sunlight will increase felt temperature so better get those hats and sunglasses and don’t forget your sunscreen!

Strong winds in South Sinai on Friday may cause dusty weather in western regions of the country.

Furthermore, morning mist on roads leading to and from the northeast coast and Suez Canal cities in the early hours of the morning will affect visibility.

Weekday relief

Some northern regions of the country will see a noticeable drop in daytime temperatures after Saturday.

For example, Greater Cairo and Lower Egypt will see highs of 36-37 degrees Celsius on Friday and Saturday in comparison to highs of 32-34 degrees Celsius Sunday through Wednesday.

Nighttime temperatures will also reflect this, with lows of 23-27 degrees Friday through Saturday and lows of 21-22 degrees Sunday through Wednesday.

Northern Upper Egypt will see a high of 40 degrees Friday through Saturday and lows of 27-28 degrees. Temperatures will drop in the subsequent days to register highs of 33-37 degrees and lows of 23-24 degrees through Wednesday,

The daytime weather in southern Upper Egypt will see highs of 41-45 degrees and lows of 29-31 degrees on Friday and Saturday. Temperatures will drop on Monday, with highs of 38-40 degrees and a low of 29 degrees through Wednesday,

South Sinai will generally see consistent weather throughout the week with highs of 36-39 degrees and lows of 26-29 degrees.

Finally, temperatures in the North Coast will drop dramatically after Friday’s high of 35 degrees and low of 23 to record at highs of 26-27 degrees Saturday through Wednesday with lows of 20-21 degrees.

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