Emigration Minister announces ‘Egyptians Abroad’ conference 4th edition agenda

Ahram Online , Monday 3 Jul 2023

Egypt’s Minister of Emigration, Soha Gendy, announced on Monday the agenda of the 4th edition of the Egyptians Abroad conference, which is slated for 31 July.

Soha Gendy
Egypt s Minister of Emigration, Soha Gendy. (Photo: Al-Ahran)

The conference will be attended by a large group of Egyptians from different communities worldwide and by representatives of ministries and bodies who will be available to answer queries and listen to suggestions from Egyptian expats, according to the Emigration Ministry’s statement. 

“The conference aims to boost the national identity of children of Egyptian expats and provide them with all the necessary support since they constitute an important element of Egypt’s soft power,” Gendy explained. 

She noted that the conference’s agenda includes the discussion of three axes: the economic axis, the educational and political axis, and the social and services axis. 

The opening session of the conference, which the minister will head, will review the ministry’s current efforts to meet the needs of Egyptian expats. It will also assess the progress in implementing the recommendations and achieving the outcomes of last year’s conference.  

The conference’s first session is dedicated to the economic axis, shedding light on Egypt’s economy in the past few years and the country’s efforts to reduce the effect of the global economic crisis. The session will also focus on the financial policies that the government adopted and the tools it used to increase hard currency cash transfers for Egyptians abroad.   

The second session addresses the political and educational axis by discussing the importance of the participation of Egyptian expats in the national dialogue to exchange views on important issues.

The third session, which discusses the social and services axis, will focus on ways to coordinate with the Ministry of Social Solidarity to establish the Egyptians Abroad Fund and foster solidarity among Egyptian expatriates and immigrants.

It will also discuss providing them with health and insurance services. Furthermore, the session will address the issue of transferring the bodies of those who die abroad to Egypt and medical evacuation in cases of emergency.  


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