Cabinet adds new beneficiaries to Takaful and Karama program

Reem Hesham , Tuesday 11 Jul 2023

The Cabinet approved on Tuesday amending ‎certain provisions of 2015's Resolution No. 540, adding new groups as beneficiaries to ‎the Takaful and Karama program.‎

Photo of Children benefited from the Takaful and Karama program
Children benefited from the Takaful and Karama program. Photo courtesy of Ministry of Social Solidarity


Sole breadwinner women with adult children, and impoverished young adults without family support will now be eligible for Takaful and Karama payments.

These new groups included in the amendment account for some 300,000 families, according to a statement issued by the Cabinet following its weekly meeting.

The amendment also includes details regarding the monthly amounts available for eligible groups under the Takaful and Karama program, as well as the conditions for this cash support. These changes aim to ensure that all eligible Egyptians are included in the program's services, and to streamline the provision of cash to beneficiaries.

Takaful and Karama, a cornerstone of Egypt’s social protection system, was launched in 2015 to support impoverished families with school-age children, the elderly, and people with special needs in Upper Egypt. As of June 2022, it disburses payments to 3.69 million households (about 12.84 million individuals).

In December the World Bank announced $500 million in financing to expand and strengthen the program.

It is expected that Takaful and Karama will reach up to five million households by the end of 2023, making it the largest poverty-targeted conditional cash transfer program in the Middle East and North Africa, according to the World Bank.

Egypt announced earlier that the budget for subsidies and social protection networks would increase from EGP 358.4 billion in FY2022/2023 to EGP 529.7 billion (around $17.1 billion) in FY2023/2024, an increase of 48.8 percent.

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