Waiting for reprieve: Scorching heatwave persists across Egypt

Ahram Online , Friday 14 Jul 2023

As the heatwave tightens its grip on Egypt, the forecast predicts elevated temperatures until Wednesday, with Greater Cairo set to sizzle at a scorching 38 degrees Celsius.



In Upper Egypt, the mercury is expected to surge to a scalding 45 degrees, while the North Coast will experience relatively cooler temperatures of 34 degrees.

The Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) warned that "feels-like" temperatures are projected to soar 2-3 degrees higher than the actual readings.

It also warned against the intensified heat caused by rising humidity levels.

The EMA emphasized the need for caution, advising individuals to minimize direct exposure to sunlight during the week, with high temperatures and persistent humidity prevailing across the nation.

Cairo and Lower Egypt should expect highs ranging from 37 to 38 degrees Celsius, amplifying the sensation to a blistering 39-40 degrees.

Along the North Coast, temperatures will reach around 33-34 degrees, though the heat index may make it feel closer to 36-37 degrees.

Meanwhile, South Sinai will witness highs of 35-38 degrees and lows of 39-40 degrees, which might elevate the perception of heat to a scorching 41-42 degrees.

In Northern Upper Egypt, temperatures will surge to 39-40 degrees, while the heat index will push the perceived temperatures to a scorching 41-42 degrees.

Southern Upper Egypt will face even more intense heat, with highs of 44-45 degrees and a scorching feels-like temperature of 45-46 degrees.

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