Explainer: What you need to know about Egypt's new unified services card

Aya Salah , Monday 14 Aug 2023

Egypt issued a new unified Visa card that allows citizens to access all governmental services, according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade on Sunday.

new unified card
Egypt's new unified card for governmental services. Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade


The unified card is the fruit of the collaboration between the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and the Universal Health Insurance Authority (UHIA).  

The government intends to propagate the use of the card across the country through a process that involves several phases.

According to the statement, the card will become initially active for use in Port Said governorate.   

The recently launched card, which was developed in collaboration with global giant Visa, will allow citizens to access all government services by using only one card.   

The government will issue the card to citizens free of charge. 

Here's all you need to know about the new unified card:

  • The first phase of the launching of this card allows citizens to pay for subsidized goods services, comprehensive health insurance services, as well as electronic payment services. (Other services will be included in the next phases).  
  • The unified card is a prepaid card that can be used for depositing or receiving money and other money transactions.
  • The card is highly secured and equipped with a smart fingerprint to ensure that the service reaches the card owner and no one else. 
  • To receive the unified card, a text message is sent to the family guardian's phone number, requesting them to go to a specified post office or subsidies centre on a specific date to receive their card. 
  • The family’s guardian, their spouse, and children above 16 are entitled to the card.
  • The period for card collection extends for a month from the date of receiving the text message. 
  • Payment services are activated instantly. Activation for subsidized goods and comprehensive health insurance services will be announced later.
  •  A postal account shall be opened for each citizen upon receiving the unified card and after registering the national ID card data and the mobile phone number. 

For inquiries about the unified card's services, citizens can contact the hotline for the "Egypt Digital Platform" at 15999.

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