Second phase of Thanaweya Amma tansik in Egypt extended to Sunday

Ahram Online , Friday 18 Aug 2023

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has announced a one-day extension for the second phase of the public university enrollment system, known as "tansik," for Thanaweya Amma students (high school seniors).

Egypt s Cairo University


The deadline for submitting applications for the second phase was initially set for Saturday, 19 August at 2pm.

However, according to the new announcement, the phase, which commenced on Tuesday, 15 August, will now run until Sunday, 20 August at 2pm through the ministry's tansik website.

University admissions in Egypt are divided into three stages based on different grade categories.

The first stage is reserved for students who achieved the highest scores in their Thanaweya Amma exams.

High school seniors who obtained an overall score of 60.98 percent or above in the science division and 58.5 percent or above in the literature division are eligible to submit their applications in the second phase of the enrollment system.

The minimum grades required for admission in the universities during the first phase were 70.61 percent in the literature track, 88.29 percent in the science track, and 83.41 percent in the mathematics track.

A total of 112,240 high-performing students participated in the submission process during the first phase, while approximately 350,000 students are expected to submit their applications in the second phase.

The most sought-after faculties, such as medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy in the science branch, petroleum and mineral engineering, along with other engineering branches in mathematics, and mass communication, alsun (languages), and economy and political science in the literature branch, were reserved for the students in the first phase.

The Ministry of Higher Education announced the availability of vacant positions in faculties of veterinary medicine, nursing, science, agriculture, computer science, and the field of artificial intelligence.

Earlier this week, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Mohamed Ayman Ashour announced that there were still vacant positions in some top faculties for students in the second phase, including veterinary medicine, nursing, sciences, computer science, and information technology.

The third and final phase of Tansik is expected to commence shortly after the conclusion of the second phase.

Students have the option to submit their preferences online using any computer with internet access or visit designated laboratories at universities across the country from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM daily.

To assist students in making informed choices, the tansik website provides information on the minimum acceptance grades for each college in previous years.

Results for tansik will be published on the website at a later date, and final nomination cards for students will be issued by the tansik office after the completion of the second phase.

Thanaweya Amma results were announced on 31 July. 

The overall success rate for university admissions this year stood at 78.8 percent, compared to 74 percent and 75 percent in the previous two years.

As a result, the minimum grades required for admission into top faculties at Egyptian public universities for the upcoming 2023/24 academic year have slightly increased compared to last year.

Submission for private or national universities started Tuesday, with some colleges requiring aptitude tests or/and specific minimum admission grades.

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