Rain, maritime disturbances continue to reign over Sinai: EMA

Ahram Online , Sunday 20 Aug 2023

The Egyptian Metrological Authority (EMA) forecasted on Saturday that rain would continue to dominate the South Sinai and Red Sea highlands in Halayeb, Shalateen, and Marsa Alam on Sunday and Monday along with maritime disturbances on the Suez city coast at that time.

One of South Sinai's tourist camps in Nuweiba city. Ahram Online


The rain continues a trend that began last week, during which Saint Catherine in South Sinai saw heavy rain for nearly five straight days, leading to flooding.  

However, the northern parts of Egypt, such as Greater Cairo, the Nile Delta, and the North Coast, are forecast to see calm weather with hot, muggy daytime temperatures through Friday.

However, during that period, it will be exceedingly hot throughout the daytime in South Sinai and other southern parts of the nation.

Additionally, through Friday, the country's northern areas will see a somewhat cold nighttime climate thanks to strong winds and little cloud cover. On the other side, the southern regions will see a moderately warm nighttime climate.

Throughout the week, humidity will cause felt temperatures in all places to rise by 1-3 degrees Celsius.

Through Friday, there will be widespread strong winds, and until Monday, there will be morning fog on highways near waterways leading to and from Greater Cairo, the Nile Delta, the North Coast, Suez Canal cities, and Central Sinai. Additionally, through Monday, wave heights along the Suez coast will be between 2.5 and 3 metres.


From Sunday through Friday, temperatures in Greater Cairo and the Nile Delta will range between 33 and 35 degrees Celsius.

Highs along the North Coast will be between 31 and 32 degrees Celsius during that period.

Through Friday, the temperature in Northern Upper Egypt will fluctuate between 37 and 38 degrees.

Finally, South Sinai's highs will range from 40 to 42 degrees, while Southern Upper Egypt will experience scorching temperatures of 44 to 45 degrees.



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