Heat to persist over Egypt throughout week

Ahram Online , Saturday 9 Sep 2023

Hot weather will prevail over Greater Cairo, the Nile Delta, South Sinai, and the south over the coming week, Egypt's Meteorological Authority (EMA) forecast.

hot weather


In Cairo and the Nile Delta, daytime temperatures will reach 36 degrees Celsius on Saturday-Sunday, climb to 38 degrees on Monday and Tuesday, before returning to 36 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday.

However, the nights will offer some respite, with temperatures ranging between 25-26 degrees throughout the week.

On the North Coast, hot daytime temperatures of 33-35 degrees are forecast from Saturday through Monday, after which they will gradually decrease to 31 degrees from Tuesday to Thursday.

In the evenings, a more comfortable range of 24-25 degrees is anticipated along the North Coast throughout the week.

As for South Sinai, the high will hit 41 degrees on Saturday and fluctuate between 38-39 degrees from Monday to Thursday.

The evenings in this region will provide some relief, with temperatures expected to range between 29-30 degrees throughout the week.

Northern Upper Egypt's high will reach 38 degrees on Saturday and Sunday, climb to 40 degrees on Monday, before dropping back to 38 degrees on Tuesday and dropping again to 36 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday. 

Nighttime temperatures will cool down to 23-25 degrees throughout the week.

Southern Upper Egypt, however, will still be scorching hot, with a high of 45 on Saturday. The temperature will drop to 43 Sunday-Tuesday, dropping further to 41 and 39 on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively.

The nighttime temperatures will stand at 28 degrees Celsius in southern Upper Egypt all week.

According to the EMA, various parts of Egypt will experience wind activity throughout the week, including Greater Cairo, the North Coast, South Sinai, and northern Upper Egypt.

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