Clocks in Egypt to fall back one hour Thursday night ending Daylight-Saving Time

Ahram Online , Wednesday 25 Oct 2023

If you live in any of the Egyptian governorates, make sure to set your clock back one hour to standard time, starting Thursday night as the Daylight-Saving Time (DST) officially ends on Friday after lasting for six months since 28 April.

Egypt will fall in (GMT 2) time zone instead of (GMT 3).starting 12am on Friday 27 October.


After returning to standard time at 12am on Friday 27 October, Egypt will be two hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), which means local time will be GMT +2 time zone instead of GMT +3.

Egypt applied the Daylight-Saving Time on the last Friday of April for the first time in eight years in an effort to save energy and electricity consumption.

Applying Daylight-Saving Time also targeted more savings in locally produced gas used in generating power, in order for gas surplus to be exported.

This reduces the current high pressure on the hard currency amid the global economic crisis by providing a new US dollar resource.

However, almost all areas nationwide suffered frequent power cuts this summer, especially in July and August amid soaring temperatures that caused the government to adopt a strict load-shedding program.

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