Al-Azhar calls for war crimes prosecution of Israel after hospital attack

Ahram Online , Monday 13 Nov 2023

Al-Azhar called on the international community on Monday to prosecute Israel for war crimes following its attacks on the Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza.

f Al-Azhar headquarters
A file photo of Al-Azhar headquarters in Cairo (Photo: Al-Ahram)


It also urged international organizations to break the “inhuman” siege imposed on Gaza’s hospitals and health centres, which are protected during wartime under international law.

The world's leading Sunni Islamic institution stated it holds everyone who stands behind Israel, “whether through support or silence,” responsible for the crimes.

“[Israel] does not know the meaning of humanity and life, for the genocidal massacres and war crimes it committed,” read Al-Azhar’s statement.

They commended the doctors of Gaza, who have been on the front lines of rescuing and healing the wounded “under the barbaric bombing of the terrorist entity [Israel].”

It also condemned the severe shortage of basic medical supplies, electricity, and fuel, which has forced medical staff to perform operations without anesthesia and outside operating rooms.

Al-Azhar called on all the free people of the world to “wash their hands of supporting this entity” and its tyranny over the sick, children, women and the elderly, and its “heinous crimes that animals in the jungle would not pardon.”

As the besieged facility suffers fuel shortages, a premature baby and two patients have died in Gaza's Al-Shifa hospital, the Palestinian health ministry said Monday, bringing the toll to six babies and nine patients.

As communication was lost with key hospitals on Friday, the death toll in Gaza has yet to be updated. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, over 11,100 Palestinians have lost their lives in Israeli attacks.

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