The Story of Palestine: Prominent Egyptian YouTuber Da7ee7 demolishes Israel founding myths

Farah Samir, Wednesday 22 Nov 2023

A compelling YouTube video debunking Israeli myths on Palestine by renowned Egyptian influencer Ahmed El-Ghandour, also known as El-Da7ee7 (“the nerd”), has captivated Arab audiences, amassing millions of views and prompting calls for it to be translated in order to spread its powerful message worldwide.



The video, titled "The Story of Palestine," uses Israeli sources to debunk modern and historical myths Israeli myths about Palestine and the dispossession of the Palestinian people in the 1948 Nakba.

Released on 14 November, the video has been viewed more than 13.3 million times and has been hailed for shaping public discourse across borders.

“Everything I told you so far is from Israeli sources,” Ghandour says after presenting first-hand accounts from a number of Israeli soldiers responsible for the Tantura massacre in May 1948.

“Tantura is a metaphor for all of Israel; which is a very thin and fragile layer of Western urbanization and only a metre below that fragile layer is evidence of killing, ethnic cleansing, and genocide,” says Ghandour.

Ghandour breaks down the video into seven chapters, with each section addressing a different myth.

He highlights the irony of Zionism, which – in responding to discrimination against Jews – replicates it by discriminating against anything that is not Jewish.

“Zionism is based on the belief that the whole world hates Jews, that the entire world is anti-Semitic,” explains Ghandour, addressing the misconception that Judaism is synonymous with Zionism.

He also addresses the myth of pre-1948 Palestine as an empty land, the myth of independence from Britain, the claim that Israel is the sole democracy in the Middle East, and the narrative of Israel as a modern-day David against an Arab Goliath.

“El Da7ee7 managed to sum up the entire story in 1 hour. This video is a must-watch, even if you’re Middle Eastern Arab like me,” said one viewer on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“This episode helped me a lot while I was explaining to my non-Arab friends about the current situation, to the point that I literally didn’t need to say anything. I just sent the link. Thank you,” a viewer commented on YouTube.

Another viewer shared the video on X saying, “Here is a video on the history of Palestine and Zionism as a whole. I ask everyone to watch it to understand the history of genocide.”

Many comments described the video as phenomenal, emphasizing the importance of sharing it with the world.

On X, one user said: "The reactions are excellent to El-Da7ee7's episode on Palestine. It's an impactful episode that we need to translate for the whole world. Egyptian YouTuber Ahmed El-Ghandour and his team excelled in describing the suffering of their brothers and sisters."

Egyptian actress Dalia Shawky expressed her gratitude for the episode with a comment on Instagram, saying: “I am grateful to you beyond description, Ahmed.”

Palestinian actor Yazan Nobani called it “an episode for history.”

Another viewer commented: “It is so rich with historical facts that people must be aware of,” urging the creator to come back with translations so a wider audience can access it.

Last month, Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef debunked Israeli myths about Palestine in two back-to-back interviews with British Journalist Piers Morgan that also went viral around the world.

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