Autumnal bliss across Egypt: South Sinai haven for sun-seekers, beach enthusiasts through Tuesday

Farah Samir, Thursday 30 Nov 2023

Starting Thursday through Tuesday, Egypt will experience delightful autumn weather, providing pleasant conditions nationwide.

Sharm el-Sheikh
File Photo: People enjoy the beach at the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh in the South Sinai governorate, about 550 km (342 miles) south of Cairo. Reuters


While most governorates embrace the slight coolness of fall, South Sinai stands out as a sun-seekers' paradise, with mornings retaining a gentle warmth and sunshine, beckoning beach enthusiasts to indulge in the joy of its inviting tourist resorts.

Warm daytime temperatures will prevail across Greater Cairo, the Nile Delta, and the northern coasts until Tuesday, according to a statement by the Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) on Thursday.

However, the EMA says South Sinai and northern Upper Egypt will experience slightly hot daytime weather until midweek.

At night, all governorates will experience a slight chilliness, the EMA forecasts.

Intermittent active winds are anticipated on Friday and Saturday during specific periods across Greater Cairo, North Sinai, Delta governorates, and the northern as well as the western coasts.

From Thursday until Tuesday, between 4am and 8am, morning fog is expected on agricultural roads, highways, and roads across Egypt, the EMA said.

A 20 percent chance of light rains also exists on the northern coasts and the southern Red Sea mountains ranges at intermittent intervals, the authority stated.


The EMA predicts highs of 24-26 Celsius and lows of around 16-17 Celsius in Greater Cairo and Nile Delta governorates through Tuesday.

In the North Coast, highs will register 22-24 degrees, and lows will be 13-15 degrees during the same timeframe.

Highs of 28-31 degrees and lows of 17-18 degrees are expected in South Sinai through Tuesday.

Furthermore, temperatures in northern Upper Egypt are expected to range from 24 to 26 degrees for highs and from 9 to 12 degrees for lows.

In southern Upper Egypt, highs will reach 29-31 degrees, and lows will range from 15 to 16 degrees.

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