Moderate rainfall across Egypt through Wednesday, autumnal weather till Friday: EMA

Ahram Online , Tuesday 12 Dec 2023

The weather forecast this week expects cool temperatures, with a chance of moderate rainfall accompanied by thunderstorms in various parts of Egypt on Tuesday and Wednesday, the Egyptian Meteorological Authority reported on Tuesday.

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File Photo: view of the Nile river between Egypt s capital Cairo and its twin city of Giza. AFP


Recent satellite images taken on Tuesday indicate the proliferation of low, medium, and rain-bearing thunderclouds in various areas along the northwestern coasts and northern Delta, including Alexandria and Beheira governorate, the EMA forecast for Tuesday.

These clouds are accompanied by varying-intensity rainfall, which is generally moderate and occasionally heavy, the EMA added. 

Chances of light rainfall are also forecasted on Tuesday across the southern Delta, South Sinai, and the Suez Canal cities, lightly extending to Greater Cairo and northern Upper Egypt, as well as the Western Desert. 

Moreover, rainfall is expected to continue on Wednesday moderately in the northern coasts and northern Delta, extending lightly to Sinai, southern Delta, southern Suez Canal cities, and Greater Cairo.

Dry autumn weather is anticipated on Thursday and Friday, as per the EMA’s forecast.

What does weather feel like this week?

In Cairo, the temperature high is expected to be 21 degrees Celsius on Tuesday and will gradually increase by two degrees until Sunday.

The nighttime in Cairo will bring cooler weather, with high temperatures of 13-14 degrees Celsius from Tuesday through Sunday.

Temperatures in the North Coast are similar to Cairo’s, with a temperature high ranging between 21 and 23 degrees Celsius from Tuesday to Sunday.

Cold weather with highs of 12-14 degrees Celsius is expected during nighttime in the North Coast.

Meanwhile, Southern Sinai will experience warmer weather with daytime highs of 24-26 degrees Celsius and lower temperature highs of 16-17 degrees Celsius at night.

People in northern Upper Egypt can expect moderate weather during the daytime with temperatures highs of 22-24 degrees Celsius from Tuesday through Sunday, but very cold weather at night with temperature highs of 9-10 degrees Celsius.

In southern Upper Egypt, temperature highs will range between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius from Tuesday to Thursday and will jump to 29-30 degrees Celsius from Friday to Sunday.

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