Summer storms in: Cairo and North Coast brace for rising temperatures next week

Ahram Online , Friday 21 Jun 2024

Summer has arrived! Egypt is gearing up for the official start of the hottest and most humid season on Thursday, 20 June. And this year, summer seems to be making an unpleasant entrance.

 Nile River during sunset
File Photo: A view of the Nile River during sunset in the Egyptian capital Cairo. Photo: AFP


According to the Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA), Cairo and the North Coast, including Alexandria and Matrouh, will experience a gradual increase in temperatures by 2-3 degrees starting Thursday and continuing through Tuesday.

By Tuesday, Cairo's weather will hit the 40-degree mark during the day, a temperature we have encountered several times this year during spring.

Meanwhile, the capital can expect a steady 38 degrees over this weekend.

The North Coast will also feel the heat, with temperatures climbing to the mid-30s by mid-next week.

The EMA explains that the northern hemisphere will have its longest day and shortest night of the year this week, officially marking the beginning of summer.

While temperatures peak during spring across the country, higher humidity levels make the summer's impact more evident, the EMA says.

During summer, Egypt is influenced by the Indian monsoon, which brings a humid climate to the region after crossing the Mediterranean Sea, the EMA adds.

Heat nationwide

By mid-next week, most areas across Egypt will be sweltering with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees during the daytime.

In Cairo, expect highs of 38 degrees and lows of 26 degrees on Thursday, with temperatures rising to 40 degrees for the highs and 28 degrees for the lows by Tuesday.

South Sinai will experience even higher temperatures, with 40 degrees in the morning and lows of 30 degrees at night on Thursday, increasing to 42 and 31 degrees respectively by Tuesday.

Those heading to the North Coast can expect relatively cooler weather. High temperatures on Thursday will be 32 degrees and lows 22 degrees, with a slight rise to 34 degrees for the highs and 23 degrees for the lows by Tuesday.

In Northern Upper Egypt, temperatures will remain fairly constant, hovering around 41 degrees for the highs and 26 degrees for the lows through Tuesday.

As for southern Upper Egypt, where Luxor and Aswan are located, it is best to minimize outdoor activities as much as possible. Temperatures will stay scorchingly hot at 45 degrees during the day, lasting through Tuesday.

Do not forget to wear a cap and apply sunscreen when venturing outdoors. Loose cotton clothing will be your best friend in the coming days, and keeping a bottle of water nearby is always a good idea.

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