Splits inside Tagammu after election participation announcement

Salma El-Wardani , Friday 3 Dec 2010

A divide deepened inside Al-Tagammu Party with the fight being waged for the direction it will take in this year's second round of the elections and beyond

Refaat El- Sayed

More than fifty members of the leftist Tagammu party launched an assault on the chairman during a meeting in the Socialist Renewal Movement headquarters in Downtown Cairo, after they were refused entry.

The members have accused Refaat El-Said of using security forces to prevent them gaining entry to the meeting where a decision was made on whether the party will be involved in the second round of Egypt's parliamentary elections, states Al-Badeel online.

They have also criticised El-Said for announcing that the Tagammu party will participate in the second round, despite mounting pressure from some of the party's committees to follow the Wafd party and the Muslim Brotherhood in boycotting the second round. Most notable among the critics is Port Said's El-Badry Farghaly, who accused El-Said of bending to the NDP's will for personal gain.

Earlier this morning, around fifty Tagammu members, including vice-chairman Anis Al-Bayaa’a, were denied entry to the party’s headquarters.

Security forces cordoned off the headquarters in Tala’at Harb street in Downtown Cairo today, stopping members from getting in, eyewitnesses said.

Only three Tagammu candidates will have the opportunity to participate in the second round runoff on Sunday, with the party securing one seat by Abdel Rasheed Helal in the first round.

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