Official results : 16 opposition, 424 NDP, 65 "independents"

Ahram Online, Monday 6 Dec 2010

The 2010-2015 parliament will have a sweeping NDP majority

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Official results of the 2010 parliamentary elections show that the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) clinched almost 86.4 percent of the 508 seat People's Assembly, with 424 MPs.

The opposition have only 16 seats, or around 3 percent, in contrast to their 23 percent representation in the outgoing parliament.

The liberal Wafd party won six seats. The left-wing Tagammu won five seats, as opposed to only one in the outgoing parliament.

The Muslim Brotherhood won only one seat, down from 88 in the previous parliament.

The Ghad, Geel (generation), El-Adalah (social justice), and El-Salam (social peace) parties, won one seat each. The total number of "opposition" in the new parliament is now 15.

Independents, many of whom are actually NDP defectors, won 65 seats, which is 12.5 percent of the People's Assembly.

Four seats are still up for grabs, following clashes in the constituencies. The Higher Election Committee has said another election round for those four seats - which constitute a little less than one percent of the parliament - will be scheduled at a later date.

Both the Brotherhood and Wafd had withdrawn from the elections two days after the 28 November vote last Sunday, citing “blatant” and “widespread” rigging in favour of the ruling party.

The High Electoral Comission announced the final results of the run-offs last night. Commenting on the composition of the new parliament, prime minister Ahmed Nazif said it's better that new largely uknown "oposition" parties -such as El-Geel, El-Salam and others- are now represented in parliament "better" than 80 members of the "outlawed" Muslim Brotherhood.

The Wafd and Brotherhood’s boycott of the run-offs did not exclude them from the second round as their respective candidates were listed anyway. The Wafd's leadership said it will fire any of its members who do not comply with its decision to boycott the entire vote. This means if its six MPs do not resign, the party will suspend them.

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