Floods in Red Sea coastal cities cause serious damage to homes, roads

Ahram Online, Thursday 8 May 2014

Heavy rains pouring since Wednesday lead to the loss of 14 homes, complete road blockages and blackouts in Egypt's Red Sea Governorate

Archive photo of floods in Egypt (Photo: AL-Ahram)

Around 14 families lost their homes on Thursday in the Red Sea Governorate due to floods caused by heavy rains, according Al-Ahram's Arabic news website.

The most affected areas are the Ain Sokhna, Hurghada, Zaafarana and Qattamiya roads.

All highways along the coast in the Red Sea Governorate have come to a standstill as the rainstorm inflicted serious damage in various locations. 

The rise in rainwater levels has completely flooded the streets, causing a number of cars to be swept off the roads and bringing traffic to a complete halt, eyewitnesses told Ahram Online. 

The heavy floods also resulted in power cuts in most cities in the Red Sea Governorate.

Many residents of beach houses and compounds who are now trapped in the area are sending out distress messages on social media calling on the army and the Suez Governorate's security head for assistance. 

Although no casualties have been reported, workers and guests at tourist resorts are unable to vacate the area due to the road blockages.

"All the roads connecting Cairo to the Red Sea cities are currently blocked, preventing all travel," said Sayed Noon, Al-Ahram reporter in Suez.

Red Sea Governor Ahmed Abdallah promised to compensate all those who have lost their homes due to the floods, Al-Ahram Arabic news website reported, adding that the Red Sea Social Solidarity Directorate has also distributed blankets to families displaced by the weather.

"Ain Sokhna and Zaafarana roads, in northeast Egypt, are completely blocked," Noon said, adding that the Qattamiya road linking Cairo to the Red Sea is also at a complete standstill. 

The rains started pouring on Wednesday, eyewitnesses told Ahram Online, causing the floods and blackouts. 

Heavy rainfall was expected across the country on Thursday, as announced by Egypt's Meteorological Authority, with floods in the Sinai Peninsula, the Red Sea mountain range and Upper Egypt.

The Meteorological Authority said the weather was expected to significantly improve by Friday in all governorates around the country.

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