Egyptian presidential hopeful, Moussa, vehemently denies he’s supported by ex-regime

Ahram Online, Monday 18 Apr 2011

Amr Moussa stresses to Ahram Online that the dismantled National Democratic Party is not behind his Egyptian presidential campaign

Amr Moussa
Presidential hopful Amr Moussa

Presidential hopeful, Amr Moussa, vehemently denies being backed by the remnants of the dismantled National Democratic Party (NDP), which assumed power for 30 years before the overthrow of ex-president Hosni Mubarak on 11 February.
Arab League Secretary-General Moussa, who had earlier announced his desire to run for president, seems to have started his presidential campaign in a number of Egyptian governorates.

It was recently alleged that former NDP members had been supporting the 74 year-old to assume power, a serious claim that he swiftly refuted before it dents his hopes in the upcoming presidential elections.

“There is no coordination whatsoever with any of the [former] NDP figures … my role is to prevent those who spread corruption,” Moussa, who was appointed as foreign minister for ten years under Mubarak, told Ahram Online.

“I cannot prevent NDP figures from attending my press conferences … I also cannot be sure of all people’s intentions."

“One of my first demands was dissolving the NDP for ruining the political life in Egypt as well as spreading corruption and causing numerous damages.”

The Egyptian Higher Administrative Court ruled Saturday to dismantle the disreputable party – formerly headed by Mubarak – and confiscate its assets.

“I’m interested in choosing the people who will work on my presidential campaign in the Egyptian governorates. I will be focusing on the remote provinces and minorities, especially peasants, who have been long neglected,” Moussa elaborated. 

The Egyptian presidential elections are to be held later this year.

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