Egypt's minister of electricity heads to Ethiopia for ministerial conference

Sunday 1 Jun 2014

Ahmed Shaker flew to Addis Ababa Sunday to participate in the US-Africa Energy Conference, aimed at developing sustainable energy projects on the continent

Egypt's minister of electricity and renewable energy, Mohamed Shaker, headed to Ethiopia Sunday to participate in the US-Africa Energy Conference aimed at developing energy plans in Africa, reported the state-owned MENA news agency.

The US-Africa Energy Conference comes as a step in implementing US President Barack Obama's energy initiative, "Power Africa," which aims to support economic development on the continent through supporting sustainable energy projects.

According to Shaker, the conference aims to encourage US investment in African countries and to open new markets for American companies.

Africa's ministers of energy as well officials from the US administration, along with regional and non-regional energy organisations and NGOs, are participating in the conference that will be held 2-4 June in Addis Ababa.

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