New draft House of Representatives Law: Seats for women, Copts and Egyptian expats

Ahram Online , Sunday 1 Jun 2014

Procedures for parliamentary elections are due to get underway by 17 July 2014, following last week's presidential elections

parliament in Cairo (Photo:Ahram)

The new draft House of Representatives Law will include seats for women, Copts, as well as Egyptian expats and special needs representatives, reported Al-Ahram newspaper Sunday.

According to Al-Ahram, Minister of Transitional Justice Amin Mahdy discussed with the legislation department in the State Council the draft law, and the Political Rights Law, Saturday.

Judge Mohamed Gamil Ibrahim, a member of the legislation department in the State Council, told Al-Ahram that the draft House of Representatives Law would state that the number of individual seats would be 450 while 150 seats would be elected by the party list system. 

Judge Ibrahim added that each list would include a quota for three women and three Christians, as well two representatives from among workers and peasants. He also revealed that there would be seat per list for Egyptian expats and another for a special needs representative in the new House of Representatives.

The draft House of Representative Law also includes limits on election campaign budgets, for both individual and party list seats.

According to the 2014 Constitution, procedures for parliamentary elections must begin by 17 July 2014, following presidential elections held 26-28 May.

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