Celebrations to kick off with PEC pronouncement of El-Sisi president of Egypt

Ahram Online, Tuesday 3 Jun 2014

Festivities are to launch Tuesday evening in Tahrir Square and Ittihadiya Presidential Palace, among other venues, once the Presidential Elections Commission officially declares El-Sisi Egypt's new president

A woman celebrates Abdel Fattah ِِEl-Sisi's victory in the Egyptian presidential elections in Tahrir Square, in Cairo May 29, 2014 (Photo: Reuters)
Nationwide celebrations planned by the electoral campaign that backed Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi – the projected landslide winner of Egypt's freshly concluded presidential poll – are to launch upon the pronouncement of official results Tuesday at 7pm by the Presidential Elections Commission.
According to unofficial results, the former army chief garnered nearly 97 percent of the valid votes. His only contender in the presidential race was leftist politician Hamdeen Sabahi who collected 3 percent of valid votes.
El-Sisi campaigners told Al-Ahram's daily newspaper that preparations are underway for celebrations to be held in Tahrir Square, by the Radio and TV Building in the neighbouring Maspero neighbourhood, and in front of the Ittihadiya Presidential Palace in Heliopolis.
Tarek Motawea, a coordinator in one of El-Sisi's popular campaigns, said the campaign slogan "Long Live Egypt," will be chanted in unison once El-Sisi is officially pronounced Egypt's president.
Popular singers are also planned to perform as part of the festivity.
The Conference Party -- founded by former presidential candidate and Mubarak-era foreign minister Amr Mousa -- will launch a car rally raising El-Sisi posters and Egyptian flags from its Garden City headquarters to join celebrations in the adjacent Tahrir Square.
Other campaigners told Al-Ahram that additional celebrations are also being planned in numerous Egyptian governorates.
The Ministry of Interior will secure the festivities following a plan devised for the occasion, which is to include metal detectors at Tahrir Square entry points, according to police sources that spoke to state news agency MENA.
Egypt is suffering from a precarious security situation as militant Islamists have been targeting police and army personnel and facilities since the ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi last summer.
Morsi supporters view El-Sisi as the leader of "the coup" that ousted the Islamist president in July. El-Sisi was then the army commander who led Morsi's deposal amid nationwide mass protests against his turbulent one-year rule.
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