Khairat El-Shater: MB will not support any candidate for Egypt's presidency

Ahram Online, Monday 18 Apr 2011

Muslim Brotherhood's second-in-command states that the organization will not back any presidential candidate in Egypt's upcoming elections and criticises the editorial practices of private newspapers

The Muslim Brotherhod's deputy supreme guide, Khairat El-Shater, has declared that the group will not be backing up any candidate for presidency “even the supreme guide.” He added that the credibility of the Brotherhood in the eyes of the people is much more important and that although they could secure a majority vote, ruling the country is not their goal.

El-Shater explained that the Brotherhood did not form the Freedom and Justice Party to gain power, but to participate in Egypt's political life and present a civilised vision and program.

Speaking at a Brotherhood conference in Beni Soueif on Sunday, he said that the revolution has created a new historic moment where people’s participation will lead to another renaissance and that the Brotherhood will not give up its national role at this stage without necessarily aiming for the presidential seat.

El-Shater also criticized owners of private newspapers of whom he accused some of benefiting from the old regime. As well as giving the Brotherhood little space, these newspapers frequently attacked the organisation.  

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