Egypt's Constitution Party condemns Israeli aggression against Gaza

Zeinab El-Gundy , Thursday 10 Jul 2014

Party also calls on Egypt's president to 'do what he can' to stop attacks in Gaza as well as help aid convoys travel over the border

Egypt's Constitution Party has joined the chorus of condemnation for Israeli air strikes in the Gaza Strip and also called on the Egyptian government to both facilitate aid conveys into Gaza and help end the "aggression" which has killed over 70 people since Tuesday.

"The Constitution Party condemns the Israeli occupation forces' aggression in Gaza that has led to the murder of entire families in the past few days," said the party's statement issued on Thursday.

"The party demands President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi to do what he can to stop this continuing aggression in Gaza as well to assert that even though Egypt is busy with its internal affairs, it will not be silent about the crimes committed by Israeli occupation forces, whether in Gaza or the West Bank or occupied Jerusalem," the statement read.

The party also welcomed the decision of the Egyptian government to open the Rafah border crossing for critically injured Palestinians to be transferred from Gaza's hospitals to those in Al-Arish, North Sinai.

"The Constitution Party will continue its support for the Palestinian cause and people until they are able to restore their rights, including the right to establish an independent state whose capital will be Jerusalem and the right to end the racist occupation," the statement concluded.

The party asked the government to help parties and NGOs organise aid conveys to Gaza.

The leftist Bread and Freedom Party founded by former presidential candidate Khaled Ali announced on Wednesday that it was organising an aid convey to Gaza.

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