Luxor court gives death sentence to gangster El-Hamboly

Zeinab El-Gundy , Thursday 10 Jul 2014

Luxor gangster famous for kidnapping two hot air balloons of tourists has been sentenced to death for killing a gas station employee

A Luxor criminal court has sentenced Yasser El-Hamboly, the famous Upper Egyptian gangster, and four members of his gang to death.
The court sentenced El-Hamboly to death for killing a gas station worker. He was also sentenced to 45 years in jail in five separate cases.
El-Hamboly, who has a long criminal record in Upper Egypt and has received many other sentences from past cases, some of them for life, was among the criminals that escaped from Cairo's Abu Zabaal prison in the early days of the 25 January 2011 uprising. After a year on the run, he was later found and arrested in January 2012.
Despite being well-known in Upper Egypt, especially in Luxor governorate, El-Hamboly became famous in the media after he and his armed gang kidnapped two hot air balloons full of tourists in order to demand the release of his brother, who was in prison at the time for killing a jeweller.
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