Egypt's PM Sharaf meets with Sinai tribes chiefs

MENA, Saturday 23 Apr 2011

Interim Prime Minister Essam Sharaf meets with heads of the North and South Sinai ‎tribes

Egypt’s interim Prime Minister Essam Sharaf met with heads of the North and South Sinai ‎tribes in Moussa Coast Village today Saturday. ‎
The meeting was held to discuss the Sinai Bedouin tribes’ complaints and demands, and also to ‎suggest solutions for their problems. ‎

A number of governmental officials and dignitaries attended the event, including Minister ‎of Interior Mansour Al-Essawi and Minister of State for Military Production Sayed Moshaal.‎

Commander of the Second Field Army General Sobhi Sedki kicked off the event with a ‎speech, during which he stressed the importance of Sinai’s tribes as integral part of the ‎community. ‎

‎“These men have proven that they can contribute to protecting this nation, ‎and we do not forget their role in all the wars we got into, the last of which was the ‎October War [against Israel in 1973]. All love and respect for them,” he said.   ‎

Boosting Sinai's financial status and revamping its infrastructure were brought into ‎discussion, ‎among other issues.‎ ‎

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