Egypt political and revolution forces to hold unprecedented national conference May 7

Ahram Online, Saturday 23 Apr 2011

Dozens of leaders of the country's political and revolutionary movements have received invitations to to take part in an unprecedented National Conference aimed at fully realising the aims of the Egyptian revolution

Egypt revolution

Cairo's International Conference Centre is to witness a first of its kind national conference, bringing together leading representatives of the movements and political parties involved in the Egyptian revolution, as well as a wide array of intellectuals, academics, trade unionists and members of the legal profession and the judiciary. Foreign guests have also been invited.

The invitation only conference, called by a coalition of revolutionary youth and political groups, will have a four-point agenda, including: 1) the basic principles of the forthcoming constitution; 2) Vision for the future and the requisites of social justice; 3) establishing unity of action among the various revolutionary forces ahead of the forthcoming parliamentary elections, and 4) the setting up of a national council, made up of representatives of the various political and revolutionary forces to support the fulfillment of the revolution's demands, give voice to the people's aspirations and coordinate with the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to ensure the achievement of these objectives.

The conference will be held in the conference centre's Khufu Hall, named after the fourth dynasty Pharaoh who built the Great Pyramid of Giza.

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