Egyptian pro-Morsi group calls for protests in solidarity with Palestine

Ahram Online, Friday 1 Aug 2014

The National alliance to Support Legitimacy called for a 'revolutionary week'

Pro-Morsi coalition
Members of National Alliance to Support Legitimacy (Photo: Al-Ahram)

The National Alliance to Support Legitimacy, a pro-Muslim Brotherhood grouping, has called on its supporters to protest on what it called “the Friday of Resistance” in support of the Palestinian resistance a statement.

The statement highlighted that the beginning of this week will mark a new “revolutionary week” in solidarity with Palestine.

The Muslim Brotherhood has links with Hamas, the leading Palestinian resistance group. Egypt's post-Morsi authorities have accused the Brotherhood of conspiring with Hamas to undermine Egypt's national security.

An ongoing Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip has killed at least 1,450 Palestinians since it begun on 8 July. On Friday, a 72-hour ceasefire and planned talks in Cairo unravelled, with violence continuing in the embattled enclave.

The alliance, formed to support former president Mohamed Morsi, has held regular protests since his ouster last year, despite a law passed last year which bans street demonstrations that have not first been authorised by the police.


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