Police arrest child-beating manager of Egyptian orphanage

Ahram Online, Monday 4 Aug 2014

The manager of a Giza orphanage has been arrested - and all the children relocated - after a video surfaced Sunday showing him beating a group of kids

makaa el mokarama
Makaa El-Mokarama orphanage (Photo:Ahram)

Egyptian police on Monday arrested the manager of a Giza orphanage who appeared in a leaked video beating a group of children.

The video, leaked online on Sunday, immediately caused an uproar among social media users, who demanded authorities launch an investigation and punish Osama Mohamed Othman, manager of the Makka Al-Mokarama orphanage in the Haram district of Giza.

Othman was shown spanking and violently beating a group of children as punishment for apparently disobeying his orders and turning on the TV and opening the refrigerator without his permission.

The prosecutor-general issued a statement on Monday saying representatives of the prosecution had visited the orphanage. Their investigations yielded that the incident took place one year ago.

The prosecutor-general ordered the detention of the orphanage manager for 15 days pending investigations. The prosecutor also ordered a medical examination for the children and for camera footage from the orphanage to be examined.

In another surprise related to the orphanage, Othman's estranged wife, Elham Eid Awad, revealed to the media on Sunday that she was the one who filmed him beating the children and that she wanted "to expose him". Despite her first statements to Al-Ahram's Arabic news website that the video was shot two months ago, she told other newspapers and websites that she filmed it a year ago.

Awad is also being investigated.

Shortly after the video was uploaded, Social Solidarity Minister Ghada Wali ordered for the children to be transferred to another orphanage until investigations are completed.

Meanwhile, Giza Governor Ali Abdel-Rahman has issued orders to dissolve the board of Makaa El-Mokarama orphanage following reports of child abuse.

Abdel-Rahman assigned a temporary committee to manage the orphanage for three months and assigned another committee to prepare a report about the violations committed by the orphanage manager and owner. 

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