Hundreds demonstrate in Cairo in solidarity with Syrian uprising

Mai Ezzat, Tuesday 26 Apr 2011

Protesters converge outside Syrian embassy demonstrating against the brutal crackdown on pro-democracy activists across Syria

Syrian protests in Cairo
Protesters outside Syrian embassy in Cairo on 26 April. (Photo: Mai Ezzat)

Several hundred demonstrators, many of them Syrians, protested today in front of the Syrian embassy in Cairo, calling for the departure of President Bashar Al-Assad and declaring their solidarity with the Syrian opposition.

"We are all here to condemn the crimes committed by the Syrian regime and the killing of young people who were just expressing themselves in a peaceful way," said Hany Al Mahy, the general co-coordinator of the Syrian-Egyptian Union that called for the protests. Hany expressed his optimism that such messages sent by both Syrians and Egyptians are reaching those calling for democracy in Syria. "This is the 10th day that we have come and shown solidarity with the people of Daraa and elsewhere in Syria and each time, Egyptians and Syrians participate. We have always been one country," he added.

"The protest was a mixture of all ages and different political views," explained Syrian protester Mohamed Meslim. "This is what we need in a new free country open to everyone in the society and not a closed prison where we fear to talk."   

But for Fateen Attasy, a Syrian university student studying in Egypt, freedom of expression was not the only reason behind the Syrian revolt. "Low wages and poor education are also a reason for the anger," he explained. Like other young Syrians, Attasy admitted that he was afraid he would pay a price for participating in the protests. Despite this, he insisted on staying till the end, continuing to protest as long as he feels that his solidarity is needed.

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