Chairs and bottles fly as Youth Coalition members clash with Amr Moussa supporters

Ahram Online, Thursday 28 Apr 2011

Amr Moussa’s press conference in Luxor witnesses a brawl ‎between Youth Coalition members and the presidential hopeful’s ‎supporters

Amr Moussa
Amr Moussa's press conference

Amr Moussa’s popular press conference in Luxor Wednesday night witnessed a mass brawl ‎between members of the Revolutionary Youth Coalition and the presidential hopeful’s ‎supporters.‎

The fistfight erupted shortly after Moussa finished his speech. Both sides used chairs ‎and bottles against each other, which resulted in several injuries.

The Arab League secretary-general was supposed to answer a list of questions written by the attendees.‎

However, tensions escalated at the conference, which was held at Isis Hotel, when ‎members of the Youth Coalition insisted on talking to Moussa directly through a loud ‎speaker. ‎

Some Youth Coalition members also held aloft banners and placards that read anti-Moussa ‎slogans, such as “No for old faces” and “Amr Moussa is hugging the National [Democratic] ‎Party.” Others even chanted against the 74 year-old. ‎

The police was about to step in, but Moussa asked them not to enter the room as the fight ‎was already over. ‎

Military forces later arrived to evacuate the crowd. At least six people were hospitalised.

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