Head of torture-orphanage sentenced to three years for beating kids

El-Sayed Gamal El-Din, Wednesday 10 Sep 2014

Cairo court ruled on Wednesday to sentence orphanage head, Ali Othman to three years in prison after a leaked video surfaced of him beating children

Dar Mekkah Orphanage
Makaa El-Mokarama orphanage (Photo:Ahram)

Cairo’s misdemeanor court sentenced on Wednesday the head of a children’s orphanage, Ali Othman, who appeared in a leaked video beating a group of children, to three years in prison both on charges of violence and beating children.

The court sentenced Othman to two years in prison on charges of using violence in the Makaa El-Mokarama orphanage.

He was also sentenced to an additional suspended year in prison pending the payment of LE1,000 in bail on specific charges of beating the kids.

Meanwhile, the defendant has the right to appeal on the two court rulings.  

The head of the orphanage was arrested in early August for spanking and violently beating a group of children as punishment for apparently disobeying his orders and turning on the TV and opening the refrigerator without his permission.

Shortly after the video was uploaded, social solidarity minister Ghada Wali ordered for the children to be transferred to another orphanage until investigations are completed.

Meanwhile, Giza governor Ali Abdel-Rahman has issued orders to dissolve the board of Makaa El-Mokarama orphanage following reports of child abuse.

Abdel-Rahman assigned a temporary committee to manage the orphanage for three months and assigned another committee to prepare a report about the violations committed by the orphanage manager and owner. 

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