Cairo Court postpones trial for Soltan and 50 others

Ahram Online, Tuesday 23 Sep 2014

Mohamed Soltan's trial has been postponed to 11 October, along with those of Badie and 49 others in the 'Rabaa control room' case

Mohamed Soltan
Mohamed Soltan (Photo: Courtesy of Freedom for the Brave Facebook page)

Cairo's felony court postponed the trial of Mohamed Sultan and 50 others including the Muslim Brotherhood's Supreme Guide, Mohamed Badie, to 11 October to watch video footage related to the case.

Soltan’s absence from the courtroom was acknowledged by the presiding judge who noted that Soltan was in an ambulance outside the courtroom and abstained from attending the session. Soltan’s lawyer stated that the hunger striker’s condition was very critical.

Soltan has been on a hunger strike for over 230 days, which has led to the deterioration of his health; he is currently in a prison hospital.

Amnesty International has stated that Egyptian authorities are not providing sufficient medical care to Soltan and has called for his immediate release.

The suspects are detained pending trial in the “Rabaa control room” case.

They are accused of setting up an operation room after the violent dispersal of the pro-Morsi Rabaa Al-Adawiya protest camp in mid-August 2013, as part of plans to "defy the state and spread chaos,” and plot attacks on police stations, private property and churches".

The case’s other suspects include Mahmoud Ghozlan, a member of the Brotherhood’s Guidance Office, Salah Soltan, former secretary-general in the Higher Council for Islamic Affairs, and Gehad El-Hadad, media spokesperson for the Brotherhood.

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