Egyptian policeman charged with sexually assaulting female detainee

El-Sayed Gamal El-Din, Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

Policeman referred to trial on charges of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old mentally ill female detainee

Hisham Barakat
Egypt's prosecutors Hisham Barakat (Photo: Al-Ahram)

Egypt's prosecutor-general on Wednesday referred a policeman to trial on charges of sexually assaulting a mentally ill female detainee.

The prosecution listened to the testimonies of other women detained with the victim, who confirmed the charges. They testified that the victim was escorted by the accused policeman to a place out of reach of surveillance cameras, where she was sexually assaulted.

According to the forensics report, the victim is a 16-year-old minor who suffers from a mental illness. The policeman is 40-years-old.

The incident took place in the Imbaba policestation in Giza.

Egyptian police have often suffered accusations of rights abuses.

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