Workers demonstrate in front of trade union federation, demanding its dismantling

Ahram Online, Sunday 1 May 2011

A workers protest in front of the Federation of Trade Unions on Labour Day has outlined demands for independent trade unions and a minimum wage

About 2000 workers have demonstrated at the official Federation for Trade Unions on Labour Day. The demonstrators attempted to break in, demanding that the federation is dismantled and its president dismissed.

Labour Movement for Reform, the organisers of the demonstration, also demanded enacting a new labour law, legalising the formation of independent trade unions, and setting a minimum and maximum wage.

The demonstrators held banners against the federation’s president and chanted, “The people want to reform the federation!”

The protesters said the rally aimed at “cleansing the trade union movement and its institutions” and those who “betrayed the workers, sold the factories and forced the workers into early retirement”.

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