Muslim Brotherhood condemns bin Laden killing, don't believe in assassinations

Ahram Online, Monday 2 May 2011

The MB condemns the killing of Osama bin Laden, asserting that everyone deserves a fair trial and in the same breath appeals to foreign forces to end occupation

The Muslim Brotherhood releases a statement on Osama bin Laden’s death and asked the US to withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan.

In the statement released on Ikhwanonline, the MB reproaches the “vicious” media campaign waged against Islam that created a link between the religion and terrorism after the 9/11 Al-Qaeda attacks on the US. The MB asked the US to correct this negative image.

The group rebuked the US for assassinating bin Laden, insisting that they are against violence of any form. In the statement they wrote that after President Obama announced that US marine special forces had succeeded in assassinating Osama bin Laden, a woman and one of his children, “we find ourselves in a new situation,” but didn’t specify what they meant.

They did add that the group is “...against assassination and support a fair trial for any criminal, regardless of the crimes he committed.”

They also asserted that resistance against foreign occupation by any country is a “legitimate right,” sanctioned by all religious rules and international agreements. They went further to say that the “Zionist enemy” purposefully denies this right and re-labels “legitimate resistance,” with the word “terrorism.”

As long as there is occupation, they say, legitimate resistance will continue and, therefore, it is important that the US, NATO and the European Union end the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and recognise the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.

The group ended the statement by sending a direct request to the US government.

“The Muslim Brotherhood asks the US to stop conducting intelligence operations against those who disagree with them and to stop interfering in the business of Arab and Muslim countries."

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