Violence erupts in Egypt's Menoufia after police shoot local

Ahram Online, Friday 10 Oct 2014

Local residents of Ashmoon city in the Nile Delta clashed with police after the incident

Fierce clashes broke out early on Friday between security forces and local residents in Menoufia governorate after Mohamed Faroyk Hassan, 26 was shot dead by police earlier in the day, Al-Ahram Arabic reported.

A young man was killed by a "stray bullet" when riot police were dispersing a fight between locals in Ashmoon city in Menoufiya, northwest of Cairo, a security source said.

The reason for the fighting was not immediately clear.

Angry locals then blocked roads and prevented trains from coming or going, with some smashing parts of the local hospital where the deceased was transferred.

Others protested in front of the provincial police station, shouting anti-police slogans.

Security forces fired teargas to quell the violence and prevent protesters from attacking the office.

A police report issued later on Friday said Hassan had a criminal record and was wanted by authorities

Hassan was shot when a policeman fired in the air to force him to back away as he attempted to attack the security officer with a bladed-weapon while trying to run away, according to the report.

Locals on the other hand, claim Hassan was shot dead after turning himself in.  


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