Egypt police arrests on Tuesday 34 students amid clashes, army storms campus

Ahram Online, Tuesday 28 Oct 2014

Protests continued at several universities nationwide on Tuesday, as the army intervenes in on-campus unrest for the first time

Cairo University
A cloud of red smoke from flares fills the air as supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi chant slogans during a demonstration outside Cairo University in Giza, Egypt (Photo: AP)

Police arrested 34 students amid protests and clashes on Tuesday at different universities across Egypt, with the army storming one campus, according to Al-Ahram's Arabic news website.

A security source told Al-Ahram that "rioting tools" were confiscated and six homemade bombs were dismantled at Mansoura University in the Nile Delta. Another two sound bombs were found on the campus of Beni Suef University.

In Cairo, 80 students from Al-Azhar University allegedly blocked a main road, chanted against the government and shot off fireworks, the source said. Police dispersed the group and arrested 14 Al-Azhar students.

On campus protests, led mainly by students supporting ousted president Mohamed Morsi, have resumed with the start of the new academic year on 11 October.

Police have stormed at least five universities and arrested over 180 students since then.

At Cairo University, protesting students burned tires, while students at Beni Suef University allegedly smashed a police vehicle.

For the first time since the university clashes began last year, army forces stormed Mansoura University to assist police in securing the campus, as per a new law issued on Monday.

The law, issued by President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, allows the military to assist the police in guarding vital public facilities, including university campuses.

On Monday, Egypt's Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab said that school children and university students accused of sabotaging educational facilities will be tried by military courts.

Earlier in the semester, one student died at Alexandria University from birdshot wounds sustained during clashes with police, while a bomb exploded at Cairo University last week, injuring 11.

At least 19 students were killed in clashes on campuses last year, while hundreds others were injured or arrested. The government has blamed the violence on students supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, a group that has been banned and designated a terrorist organisation.

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