Egypt elections: Marching on

Ahram Arabic Portal, Saturday 4 Dec 2010

There are 283 seats up for grabs in the parliamentary election run-offs tomorrow


Five political parties will compete for the remaining 283 parliamentary seats in the run-offs Sunday, after last week's first round saw just 221 seats taken.

Candidates from the National Democratic Party (NDP), Wafd, El Gomhoury, Tagammu and El Salam parties are expected to contest in the  second and final round. They include: 368 NDP, nine Wafd, six Tagammu, 27 Muslim Brothers, 136 Independents, and one each for Salam and Gomhoury.

It is expected that 28 million people will turn up in 166 constituencies across the country to vote. There will 1494 judges supervising the polling stations, in addition to 6130 members of civil society.

Despite prior party announcements that they were withdrawing from the elections due to vote-rigging in the first round, it is unclear whether candidates from the liberal Wafd Party and the Muslim Brotherhood will contest tomorrow, following the Higher Election Committee's announcement that their papers are invalid, having missed the deadline date set for withdrawals.

Six of the Wafd candidates had said they would solider on into the second round despite their party stand of "boycott and withdrawal". These include Rami Lakah for Shubra, Magda El Noushy in Ismalia, Atef El Ashmouny in El Mataria, Mohamed El Malky in Gamalia, Tarek Sebak in Rod El Farag and Omran Megahd in El Zarka.

In the election's first round on 28 November, the NDP swept a majority 209 seats in the incoming parliament. The Wafd party won two seats, and Al Ghad, El Adala and the leftist Tagammu clinched one seat each.




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