Egypt revolutionary youth defy Islamist threats and attend Pope's sermon

Ahram Online, Thursday 5 May 2011

Egyptian revolutionary youth, some Muslims, attended the Coptic Pope's Wednesday sermon in unity with their compatriots after Salafist threaten that they will harm any attendees

Hundreds of youth who participated in the January 25 Revolution attended the weekly sermon of Pope Shenouda III, patriarch of Egypt’s Coptic Church, after Islamist groups, the Salafist, made threats over the internet that they will harm anyone who attends.

The sermon was attended by 10 thousand people, including Muslims and many veiled women. It was also attended by well-known Egyptian journalist, Adel Hammouda and Nawara Negm, the daughter of famous Egyptian poet, Ahmed Fouad Negm.

The Pope expressed his sadness for the strife that has been tearing at Egypt and focused his sermon on forgiveness.

While there are sections in Egyptian society that after the freedom (of speech, for example) of the January 25 Revolution are inciting sectarian hatred, other sections of society are standing firmly behind the idea of Egyptian unity, regardless of religion.

The Pope’s weekly sermon is held every Wednesday.

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